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Liam is an accomplished and experienced musician.  He has an impressive back catalogue with various outfits and has had a consistent creative output for over a decade.  Liam’s recent work shows how he has honed his craft and found his voice as an artist and songwriter.  His music has flavours of folk and alternative rock and always features powerful and honest lyricism.

Liam is in the midst of his plan to release one new song every 6 weeks this year.  Following the success of his last 3 singles; 'When This is Over', 'Be Kind' and "Stadiums and Churches' Liam's trajectory is set to rocket.


“What you expect from Liam is a fantastically written lyric, a great vocal and music put together so well it hurts.” - Local Sound Focus

His intricate guitar work on this song is some of his best, and his commanding vocals have a vulnerable fervency that’s really touching. It’s a magnificent song.” Eclectic Music Lover - ‘Be Kind’


With a songwriting craft this wondrous, Liam certainly is a one to watch” - Love it to Death

"Performing live is clearly of utmost importance to Liam, and he has to be witnessed in full flow to be seen at his very best." - State of the Arts.

"Sparking audience investment with his songwriting journeys and soulful voice." - Entheos Media.