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When This is Over - Single, release date 5/06/2020

The single has overtones of folk music, reminiscent of Jeff Buckley. The simple but powerful lyrics take the listener through a lament of all the things we have lost in these strange times. It has sparked a profound reaction from a variety of audiences so far, with listeners connecting emotionally to the honest lyricism and delivery.

'The track has a gorgeously mellow opening, before Liam's rich toneful voice kicks in with some beautiful harmonies, adding a power to a chorus that can only be described as melt in your mouth.' - To The Local

'He also admonishes us to take a look at ourselves, and not place blame or remain divisive about something that many have suffered from. It’s a wonderful song.' - Eclectic Music Lover

Wasted Days - Single. 2020

Recorded as part of a miscellaneous songs project, to document some of the songs that had slipped through the net.  'Wasted Days' tackles feelings of uselessness and ill health.  The video is Liam's directorial debut with his first stop motion video.

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Restless. 2017

Liam's solo debut.  After writing and recording in bands for many years 'Restless' saw Liam branch out and release his own material. 

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The News I Needed. 2019

The follow on from his solo debut saw Liam hone his craft and the songs show off his exceptional lyricism, each song taking you on a journey through time and space. 


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